About Us


Ever wondered, how the perfect vacations happened? How were you able to create those picture perfect vacations with your loved ones? Is it based on your instincts, or they just happened by chance? Every year, when the holiday season arrives, the love of exploring new places begins to surface. Dreams of the beautiful golden beaches, exploring the rich array of wildlife, hiking the mountain trails, and foodies’ trails come alive. The zeal to take a vacation comes alive and you just need a small inspiration from your loved ones to take a look at some of the best off-beaten path adventures for the holiday season ahead.

The travel experiences makes us happier and joyful as we get away from our daily grind or any activity in our daily routine that tries to weigh us down. The travel and experiences from new culture, place, and food helps us to unwind and relieves us from any chronic stress which we may have acquired from working or studying for days, weeks, and months. In fact, the researchers have concluded the fact even one short term vacation has positive and immediate effect on perceived stress, recovery, and well-being. Traveling helps us to be physically healthier by taking up those hiking trails and taking up vitamin D when we soak up some rays on the beach.

Beinair is your trusted partner for planning those budgeted vacations and fulfilling your travel urges. With our rich expertise in travel industry, our experts ensure you get the satisfaction on your travel plans and take care of travel advisories, recent news, weather conditions, and required documentation for the journey. We are sure our travel recommendations will help you uncover new destinations and update you regularly for the best trips. Our travel experts cater to several travel purposes whether it’s with a family, group, or multi-generational leisure or business related travel.

Beinair offers all its clients the convenience of having every aspect of your vacation or travel trip pulled together in one comprehensive plan. Our access to the exclusive deals from the airlines and the promotions happening ensure you get the best advice on when to book, and calculate the best value suited to your budget. Our travel expert’s personalized attention to your cabin class preferences, dietary needs, and other special requests will surely get you into incredible experiences and protect you from unknowns.